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Need Tagging?

No job is too large or too small, I am here to help. Call Ian, forvprimier testing, at 0423 257 302 for your free estimate today.

Trusted Experience

My name is Ian MacCormick and I’ve been a tagger for the last ten years. No job is too large for me. I specialize in appliance and maintenance that will help keep your home running smoothly throughout Scottsdale.

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Certified & Professional

I am certified and highly experienced professional. I know how to prioritize and multi-task to ensure your workplace is compliant and maintained with the highest in quality workmanship.

Workplace Compliant

Fulfills Statutary Obligations

RCD testing

When it comes to testing of portable eleectrical appliances, RCDs and microwave radiation leakage, I’m here to take those tasks with first class workmenship.